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When buying a used vehicle, it is important to check manufacturer records, service records, and run a test drive To ensure the vehicle has no hidden past you can also try a car history check to gather information such as mot status, road tax status, finance check and basic vehicles details like make, model, colour and more.

Why should I check the car’s history?

When buying a second hand vehicle, history is the only way to determine if it’s received maintenance and repairs in a timely way, whether it’s been in any chances, have any recalled items have been corrected, and the way it’s been cared for overall. Do not rely on arrival alone for this. There are professional artists and detailers who can work their enchanted on a used car. Responsibilities can be covered up by disconnecting warning lights, mileage can be interfered with to show lower statistics, and temporary fixes can be applied to hide fundamental issues. This is why you must never buy a used car on instinct unless you can afford to spend tens of thousands of pounds to put it right if necessary. As a first step you should always look into the MOT history.

How can I check the car’s history?

If the seller claims that the car has proper conventional maintenance, but they don’t have a whole record set, you could ask them where the car has been upheld and reach out to those workshops for an inquiry. This is chiefly easy if a car has been upgraded at an agent’s workshop. Moreover, they are required to keep accurate records. Even a third-party workshop will have some data.

You can also recheck if a car has conventional regular safety verifications and if all road taxes have been verified via the DVLA. This is a good guarantee that the vehicle has been kept lawful. A side advantage is that the mileage is characteristically recorded, so you can get a trend and choose any suspicious lapses.

You could also use a third-party car quality service to complete a check on a used vehicle you’re interested in. Moreover, the seller will need to consent to this; if a seller is reluctant or refuses, that is wrong. If a seller will, the cost is typically shared between the seller and yourself.

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