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Online Education – A South Asia Perspective


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Cambridge International is hugely popular in South Asian countries, namely India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. As the November wing of the A Level and IGCSE examinations draw near, students in South Asia are starting to transition into the revision stage. While attending online classes, it’s important to focus on utilising all the benefits this mode of learning provides to achieve the best grades.

In this blog, we’ll talk about three things that you should be aware of to improve your online learning experience as a student in South Asia.

1. A Well-Balanced Curriculum

Most students don’t think about the quality of their curriculum when assessing their academic performance. Most are very comfortable with the way their teachers and institutions are designed. However, curricular differences can affect student performance.

Many online schools use the national curriculum, which is considered too prescriptive and subject too much to political turbulence. If you’re taught this curriculum, your teachers might not provide you with the necessary topics to develop a strong foundation.

Because of this, the concepts that you’re building will not be able to develop properly. We encourage students to take a deeper look at their institution’s curriculum.

Cambridge Home School has developed an independent curriculum that takes the best elements of Cambridge International and adds new ones to help students improve their academic performance. This approach helps students develop a deeper understanding of their subjects and improve their grades. We also ensure that students are exposed to new topics and subtopics designed to help them excel.

In June 2021, over 86% of our students could secure As and As in their target subjects, and 83% of our A Level students also secured two As and a B.

This impressive performance is attributed to our unique curriculum and the continuous changes we’re making to improve the quality of our education. We hope that the South Asian students will be able to see how our curriculum changes have affected their academic journey.

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